19 Apr 2017

Natixis HKFC Contemptibles 48 v 38 Wayfoong

Club recently hosted the annual fixture between HKFC and Wayfoong for the Kim Robertson Trophy.  The Natixis HKFC Contemptibles came out on top this year with an entertaining 48 to 38 victory.
The fixture was played in an excellent spirit and as usual Wayfong had a number of HKFC players in their ranks, all employed by the banking giant, headed up by Club's own Adam Harper.

Paul Skurr picked up this years man of the match award two days after Skurrsy and his wife welcomed the arrival of their second child!!  Is there no stopping Skurrsy playing rugby this season?!?

History of the Kim Robertson match

Denis Way, has written a history of the HK Football Club and has kindly shared with us the information he has about Kim Robertson:

A.D. 'Kim' Robertson was sent East to HSBC's head office in Hong Kong in December 1960 as an International Officer. Kim was a gifted rugby player who played for the Bank team, Wayfoong Club XV, from 1961 to 1962. He went on to be selected to play rugby for the ‘All-Hong Kong’ side and was captain of the team when they played the University of Paris (including eight internationals) at the Club Stadium on Wednesday night, 3 October 1962.  The match was played in the drizzle of a coming typhoon called Dinah and was a 6 - 6 draw with HK ahead well into the second half.

Kim Robertson played scrum-half and his partner at 'fly-half' was Harry Kennedy from HSBC, Harry said of him: “Kim placed a lot of emphasis on training; nobody in the squad was in better condition. He had a natural flair for the game and was able to make his fly-half look twice as good as he actually was.” (Dunne History)

According to his contemporaries he was the fittest player on the squad with a natural sense for the game and also a very good golfer, hockey player and a more than adequate cricketer.  He died accidentally in 1963 after having captained Hong Kong to victory against the New Zealand Far East Fleet, falling from a window at Cloudlands, HSBC’s junior banker's mess on the Peak.

The night he died, he had captained the Colony against (I believe) the New Zealand Far East Fleet in an epic game, which I think HK won.  There was a huge piss up at the Club and then Kim and a couple of other senior HK rugby gentlemen went back to one of the ships for further refreshment.  Andy Wooley and Chris Rowe met him back at the Peak Mess at about one, or two in the morning, when none of us were in a very good state and we all tottered off to bed.  In those days, the Mess was not air conditioned and, in the winter, when the mess was always in the cloud, we had to have de-humidifiers going all day to stop everything from getting damp and mildewed.  This made the rooms very hot and stuffy, so we normally opened the windows when we came in, or went to bed.  The damp conditions sometimes made the windows stick and difficult to open. Also, the bottom of the window frame was just above knee height.  The general theory was that Kim tried to open the window, which did not give very easily and then went with a bang, the frame caught Kim under the knees and spilled him down onto the carpark below.  He was dead when the night boy found him.

There was a huge turnout for his funeral, HK Police, The NZ navy boys who were still there and a large Army presence, not to mention a great number of HK civilians, totally unconnected with rugby.  He was top class guy, who was universally popular and it was a great tragedy for an awful lot of people.

Chris Rowe was Hon Sec of the Club rugby section at the time and it was decided to have a collection to get a trophy in his memory for the annual Wayfoong match.  I can't remember how much we got, but it was more than sufficient to get a statuette of a scrum half doing a dive pass, modelled on a picture of Andy Mulligan, who was the Ireland and Lions scrum half around that time and, with whom Chris played at school. The balance was donated to the Cheshire Homes, which was the charity the Club rugby side supported during that season.

A historic photo of the Wayfoong v HKFC teams 

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