13 Jan 2017

League Defining Fixtures For HKFC

Jamie Lauder misses out this week through injury

This weekend sees a number of fixtures for Natixis HKFC teams that will go a long way to defining their league championship aspirations.

The main fixture sees Natixis HKFC take on league leaders Valley at home, a 4.30pm kick off.  Club are in the chasing pack – along with Kowloon and Scottish – and Phil Bailey’s side were buoyed during the week by the news they will be awarded the points for a match early in the season when HKCC pulled out due to a shortage of front-rowers.

The decision leaves them only four points behind Valley and Saturday’s game is the perfect time to further stake their claims.

“Kowloon has proved that [Valley are beatable], Kowloon has done a great job against them,” Bailey said.

“I think the competition is getting better and better and it is closer and closer.”

Despite this, Bailey has seen in his side’s two defeats to them so far this season just what Valley are capable of.

“Valley are very good at capitalising on any team’s mistakes. They play very good set-piece footy and they will pin you in a corner and they will keep you there all day, apply pressure and score points,” he said.

“We need to take our opportunities but also play smart footy and limit our mistakes. The big thing for us is errors and not compounding those errors.”

Valley welcome back winger Doug Fluker and second-rower Tom Broughton and are keen to bounce back from last week’s loss to Kowloon.

“[HKFC] are creeping up the table and have put some good performances in,” coach Andrew Kelly said.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to get back in to winning ways, a derby match against our rivals is just what we needed really, so hopefully the boys will be up for it.”

PREM Natixis HKFC Club v Valley HKFC 16:30
1 Keelan Chapman
2 Mitch Andrews 
3 Ronan Donnelly
4 Josh Afu 
5 Rich Melford
6 Dan Falvey
7 Gabriel Carroll
8 Marcus Slade 
9 Max Page
10 Nate De Theirry 
11 Seb Alfonsi
12 Ben Axten-Burrett
13 Tom Isaacs 
14 Charles Higson-Smith 
15 Niall Rowark
16 Leon Wai
17 Johnny McCormick-Houston 
18 Callum McFeat - Smith 
19 Jamie McGregor
20 Cris Pierepont
21 Jack Scanlon
22 Gav Hadley
23 Lloyd Jones

Natixis HKFC Dragons play their first game back after the Christmas break against Kowloon.  The Dragons are buoyed by the return of back rower Ben Willis and half back Henry Williams.  Both were recruited for the first team in the summer but suffered injuries in their first games.
NL1 Natixis HKFC Dragons v Kowloon KP1 18:00
1 Paddy COOK
2 Mitch Holloway
4 Alex BAYLISS Capt.
5 James HOOPER
6 James MASON
9 Henry POON
10 Josh DILLON
12 Will MELLOR
13 Robbie OUTRAM
14 Steve Mc CARRON
16 A N Other 
17 A N Other 
18 Chris Pierrepont
19 Brice BOVITZ
20 Davie MORGAN
21 Jack ABBOT

Natixis HKFC Scorpions play against Valley Knights who they beat at home earlier in the season but Valley since have recover their form and beat Kowloon convincingly last weekend 92-5.
NL1 Natixis HKFC Scorpions v Valley 18:00 HKFC
1 Callum McFeat-Smith
2 Neil McKinnon
3 Tom
4 Ben McCarthy
5 Jamie McGregor
6 Conor Cole
7 Will Brown ©
8 Ed Botha
9 Katsuya Fukunaga
10 Ryan Matthyson
11 Chris Griffin
12 Nick Smith
13 Dave Vander
14 Roger Ng
15 Ryan Black
16 Larry Chan
17 Hairul Ramli
18 Paddy Plummer
19 Lee Curtis
20 Jack Scanlon
21 Lewis Jones

Natixis HKFC Select are second place in NL2 and play HK Scottish who occupy the top spot.  Scottish have only lost one game all season and that was to Select.  The winner of this fixture will very much be in pole position to win the league title.

NL2 Natixis HKFC Select Vs HK Scottish SKM 13:30
1 Cameron Mitchell
2 James Thomson
3 Ricky De Freitas
4 Ben Madsen
5 Robert Hartley (C)
6 James Larsen
7 Raef Morrison
8 Richard Sharp
9 Gareth Bourne
10 Matt Smith
11 Mark Li
12 John Oven
13 Alex Tunesi
14 Bobby Jones
15 Jimmy Richards
16 Bradcock Notclyfftingafinger
17 Patrick O'Connor
18 Rupert Gerald
19 Davie Morgan
20 Ed Botha
21 Steve McCarron
22 Ed Riley
23 Guy Jolly
24 Ian Morrison

Natixis HKFC Bulls play runaway league leaders Trimex Typhoons but are looking to build up their performances leading into the Grand Champs.
NL3 Natixis HKFC Bulls Vs Typhoons HKFC 15:00

1 Paudie
2 Tony
3 Joe
4 Ant
5 Brady
6 Killers
7 Tim
8 George
9 Ruari
10 Greg
11 Hairul
12 Tom B
13 Jarvs
14 Flynn
15 James
16 Ryan Shum
17 Conor Byrne

Natixis HKFC Sequins are sit in fourth place in NL4 but only five points off the top in what is turning out to be the tightest league in Hong Kong.  They play Causeway Bay who sit one place above them.
NL4 Natixis HKFC Sequins Vs CWB SKP 13:30
1 Pete Spizzirri
2 Dean Stallard
3 Mark Leonard
4 Steve Marcon
5 David Nazer
6 JD Peqiunot
7 Kevin Ho
8 David Powell
9 Rob Christie
10 David Cook
11 Richard Greenwood
12 Shane Bourk
13 Chris Harker
14 Paul Christopher
15 Tim Smith
Callum Dunn
16 Lesley Cheung
17 Bob Sawnhey
18 Justin Flowers
19 Scott Lindsay
20 Alejandro
21 Jon Gillespie

NL5 Natixis HKFC Expendables Vs Kowloon HKFC 13:30
1 Conrad Wong
2 Colin Wong
3 Gary Yeung
4 Paul Su
5 Michael Courtney
6 Marko Pokia
7 Simon Young
8 Freddie Guede
9 Yan Yeung
10 Ben Grandy
11 Rob Lam
12 Richard Elms
13 Nigel Szeto
14 Dave Ng
15 James Penny
17 Gabe Salcedo
18 Joe Kay
19 Alex Boggis

Natixis HKFC Ice are looking to build on their win last week against Comvita City.  They play Causeway Bay who are one place below them in the league.
Wprem Natixis HKFC Ice Vs CWB SKP 18:00
1 Cheryl Gourley
2 Shonagh Ryan
3 Denise Chan
4 Claire Forster
5 Angelina Cheung
6 Claire Hunter
7 Nina Pirie
8 Bobby Wilson
9 Royce Chan
10 Helen Lee
11 Emma Shields
12 Jaime Ho
13 Jamie Bourk
14 Crystal Wray
15 Jane Cheung
16 Cynthia Luk
17 Zuzana Osinska
18 Martina Colombo
19 Paula Murcia
20 Rabbit Leung
21 Maggie Wong
22 Sophie Short

WNL2 Natixis HKFC Fire Vs GaiWu HV8 15:00
1) Karus
2) Amy K
3) Nicole
4) Caroline
5) Zuza
6) Maureen
7) Cynthia
8) Apple
9) Rabbit
10) Paula
11) Audrey
12) Maddie
13) Maggie
14) Tash
15) Casey
16) Lu
17) Doris
18) Martina
19) Morgane
20) Alex
21) Tracy

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