Club History

Rugby Union was, in fact, the first sport to be played by the Hong Kong Football Club, with a game held on February 16th 1886 between civilians and the British Army garrison, then stationed in Hong Kong. That game was played on a pitch within the Happy Valley racetrack on Hong Kong Island where the Club is still located today. Since these simple beginnings, Hong Kong Football Club has always played a key role in the playing and organisation of rugby in Hong Kong, with many of Hong Kong's leading professionals and business people having played for the Club.

Members of the Club have represented Hong Kong in both 15 a side and 7 a side rugby since Hong Kong first began competing as a representative side.

The famous Hong Kong International Rugby Sevens was founded by our members and first played at the Club in 1976, and, not satisfied with having created one world-class tournament, in 1986 the Club held the inaugural International 10-a-side rugby tournament. The Hong Kong Rugby Tens, held at the Club immediately preceding the Hong Kong Sevens, has now become the leading 10-a-side rugby tournament in the world, hosting international standard teams from around the world.



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